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I love houseplants.  They add so much to any interior space.  I have them in almost every room of my house.  I am not always the best at keeping them alive, but over the years and with the advice from my mother I've found a few that will stand up to my abuse.

These two plants are very easy to grow.  On the right is a corn plant (Dracaena), which is very easy to grow and maintain.  On the left is a version of a palm, I can't remember which one.  It's been incredibly tolerant as well.

These two plants are in my kitchen.  On the left are two ivy plants, English and Swedish.  English ivy can be a little temperamental, but the Swedish ivy (the larger leaf) is so easy.  I've got a bigger pot of it on my patio.  My mom advises to cut it back every year and it grows back even thicker and more beautiful.  On the right is a Philodendron.  Another easy plant.  Love how it trails along my counter.

This isn't my house, but I had to include my dream plant:  the fiddle leaf fig tree.  I know they are trendy and have been all over blogs and magazine in the last several years, but I love them.  The reason I don't have one is a) I haven't found them at any of my local nurseries or home centers b) I'm confident I would kill it and c) I know they can be pricey.  But look what it does to this interior:

//\\ fiddle leaf fig

If you really do not have a green thumb there are still easy ways to bring some green into your home.
This is great example of branches in a vase.  Love this.  


Another way to add green without the pressure keeping a plant alive is to use preserved boxwood (just needs to be misted with water every now and then).  Orchids are also a great decorative option. Now the orchids I have in my house are living, not faux, but I figure for the $15 or so they cost, it's worth it even if I don't keep them alive for more than a couple months.  I water them with ice cubes about every ten days, or whenever I remember...  I pick them up at Lowe's or Trader Joe's.  Love the color the life they add to my living room.  And honestly there's nothing wrong with faux orchids, if you're willing to pay a lot of money you can buy some that you would never guess were fake.

And that's it for my houseplant round-up  Have a great weekend!


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