Outdoor Living - Window Boxes

Here are some images that are inspiring me this summer garden season.  I have a large window box on the front of my house and a smaller one on the back, so I am always looking at ways to kick it up a notch.   
:: a dream ::
I actually tried to copy this a copy years ago, major fail.  My big window box on the second floor and is a major pain to water.  Now I plant asparagus fern, because it takes a lot of abuse.  

Thinking pink and red geraniums for the front window...
Red and pink together is always a good idea. 

flower boxes.
All white - lovely.

Love the ferns spilling over in this window box garden
I love how full this one is, makes me think I need to triple the plants in mine. 

Window Box Tips -petunias, fertilizing with miracle grow bloom boost every Sunday - The Lilypad Cottage
And finally, these window boxes are just so sweet and look how healthy they look.  Check out this blog because she gives several tips on how to make this happen.  One tip is to water everyday.  Oh, so that's what I'm doing wrong...  :) 


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