Doodle, not Google

Were you one of those people who constantly doodled in your notebooks in high school and college?  Me too.  A couple months ago I received a newsletter from one of the artists' groups I belong to and the letter from the president was titled, "Doodle, not Google."  The gist of the letter was we spend so much time on line, not enough on our art.  I am very guilty of this, the internet is a huge distraction for me and makes it very easy for me to procrastinate.  After I read the letter I thought, what a great idea because I love to doodle!  So I decided that I would make an effort when I'm at a soccer practice or dance or waiting in my car in the pick-up line at school to break out a journal and doodle.  And put my darn phone down.  Here are a couple of my recent doodles. 


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