for the love of gold foil - a minc review

I recently purchased this lovely gold foil machine called, "Minc" made by American Crafts.  This is the smaller Anna Griffin 6 inch version, designed to use mainly for gold foiling cards and small embellishments.  In addition to gold foil, it also can be used with glitter sheets.  This version is available at HSN.  I have to say, I love this machine.  Who doesn't love gold foil?  The only negative is only a laser printed image will adhere to the foil, so if you don't have a laser printer you need to go to your local office supply store or copy place and have them make a copy for you.  Or ask your husband to take them to work and copy them there...   The kit from HSN does come with lots of ready to go images. So right out of the box you can start gold foiling!
Anna Griffin® Minc 6" Foil & Glitter Machine Bundle

Here is the first embellishment I made. 

Ella and I are crafting. Poor girl is sick and missed all but an hour of her last day of school. P.s. This minc machine is amazing! Gold foil for everyone! #minc #annagriffin #craft #goldfoil #americancrafts

And this is a card I made my sister.  I used the gold foil and the glitter. 

Next I'm going to foil some of my own designs, just have to get that laser printer ordered.  ;)  I'll keep you posted. 


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