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Two years ago we remodeled our kitchen.  It was a major project, that seemed to take forever, but was well worth it in the end.  I took a little break from looking at kitchen design because I was a little burned out, but my obsession is back because I am helping a friend of a friend design her kitchen.  In addition we just did a little remodel of our cabin kitchen.  I haven't totally put the cabin back together, but will share photos as soon as I do.  Anyway, here are some kitchens that are currently inspiring me.

I love the look and feel of this kitchen.  To me if feels warm and welcoming.  I am on the hunt for a similar mirror for above my stove at the cabin.


The people who I'm helping with their kitchen design currently have a galley kitchen.  I haven't been to the space yet, but am looking at galley kitchens for inspiration.  I think they want to open the space up to a living room.  I am not one big on taking out walls.  Walls serve a purpose, and I like my rooms separate.  I know I am often alone in this thinking, because big open spaces/great rooms are so popular.   

One thing I love about this kitchen (besides the stove, awesome table and counter tops) is the window seat.  I love window seats or any kind of bench seating in a kitchen.  I wanted to add one in my kitchen but then I wouldn't have had any room for an island and that would mean very little counter space.  For once I chose function over form!

To fit seating into the tight space, he added a breakfast nook. The wraparound bench eliminated the need for chairs and added lots of much-n...

The doors!  The floor!  Love the simplicity, but it is still warm and inviting.  Maybe it's our cold and rainy spring that's making crave this warm spaces?  Notice also the counter tops.  I think it's so important to add wood in some form to a kitchen.  It adds...  Warmth!

B L O O D A N D C H A M P A G N E . C O M:

This is a lovely galley kitchen.  It has everything I love.  White, wood, and open shelving.

 I am obsessed with this kitchen // wood countertops + white cabinets + open shelving + farm sink
design by Sarah Sherman Samuel found via here

Hopefully my recent research will help me today when I see my "clients" space.  I say clients in quotes, because it's not an actual job.  I just show up, give people my opinion for free and then I'm on my merry way.  I get my design fix, without any headaches!  It's a win-win for sure.

Happy weekend!


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