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I was recently at IKEA and thought I would share some items that caught my eye while I was there, and some that were already on my radar.  On my next trip, hopefully next month, I hope to possible pick up a few of these items.

I've listed the links to each item directly below, and then I have an inspiration photo for each item showing either the exact item or something similar.  

1.  STOCKSUND bench

2.  STORSELE chair

3.  NIPPRIG side table

4.  NIPPRIG storage box

5.  UNG DRILL mirror

6.  SILKBORG rug

I really want/need a bench at the foot of our bed.  I would love to do something like this sofa, but don't think my husband would go for it.  The Stocksund bench doesn't come close to this look, but I think it is still attractive, plus it has storage!


I love these chairs.  I had my eye on them before, and they are just as nice in person.  I would love to put these in my living room.  But they would look just as great in a screened in porch, or here in a kitchen.


I love this side table.  It also comes in black.  I want one for our cabin.  I just adore rattan in all forms.
NIPPRIG 2015 Side table IKEA Handmade by skilled craftspeople, which makes every product unique in design and size.

I mentioned in this post about kitchens that I really want a mirror over my stove at the cabin.  I didn't see the above mirror while I was there, but if I had I would have purchased it!


I love storage boxes and I love baskets.  This box would be so great in so many different rooms.  Form and function! 

This is obviously a different rug and a different shape from what I have above, but it gives you idea of how awesome this rug would be in a neutral interior.



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