latest painting - my first Brusho experiment

I recently purchased a set of Brusho Crystal Colours, and yesterday was the first time I tried them out.  I am so excited to experiment more, because the colors are so brilliant.  If you are not familiar with Brusho, here is the description from their website (

"Brusho® is a brilliantly intense paint powder that comes in little pots of magic! It's water-based and completely non-toxic (it's so safe that it's used in elementary schools)..."

It is recommended that you pierce the top of each bottle with a needle, or other piercing tool, because the pigment from the dry crystals is so strong.  This way you can control how much pigment you are using a lot easier.

For this painting, I used the "sprinkle technique."  I first spritzed water on my paper, and then I shook some crystals on top, often two different colors.  I used my brush to move the paint around a little.  I let each section dry before moving on to the next one.  I'm really happy with this little landscape, and as I said excited to try out more techniques.

I purchased my set of 12 colors from Simon Says Stamp.  


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