on my radar - statement stud earrings

My mom is attending two important weddings this fall, a friend's wedding in Ireland and my sister's in upstate New York.  She has the dress, shoes, purse and bracelet.  The only thing left are earrings.  Since I am her personal shopper, a job I take quite seriously, I thought I would share with you the earrings I am suggesting she buy.

This is not her dress, but it is the same designer (Adrianna Papell) and fabric.  She has a different style, but I couldn't find a photo of her actual dress.  The photo does not do the fabric justice.

These are the earrings I have found so far:

1.  Mint green stud earrings.  Simple and sweet. 

2.  Glacier earrings from J. Crew.  Gorgeous.  I love these, but they are probably too pink.

3.  Blue Frost Stud set from Baublebar.  It's always good to have options.

4.  Kate Spade small stud earring.  Don't let the name fool you, these babies are 1/2" in diameter.

5.  Givenchy Cluster stud earring.  Love the modern spin on these earrings. 

6.  Kate Spade color pop.  Oh Kate (or whoever does the designing these days) you can do no wrong.

After I completed writing this post I realized she still needs a fascinator!  Look for that post in the near future.  A personal shopper's work is never done... :) 

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  1. Love all of them!! Leaning toward #6. Really like #2 but the color is too bright. Want all!