On my radar - Changing Season

It is still pretty hot where I live, so I am certainly not ready to break out the cashmere. However, even with the warm temperatures there is still a shift happening and I'm ready to start transitioning my wardrobe.  Here are a few things that are catching my eye right now.

1.  Love these necklaces.  I have no idea what they have to do with a season change, but who cares?

2.  Ok, so these are sandals, but I've been eyeing them all summer.  Because there is a lot of coverage I could wear these for a long time into the fall. 

3.  I definitely need new jeans.  I like the look of these from Loft, and they are always having great sales.  Right now these are $20 off!

4.  I wanted a pair of black Nikes for a long time, but then my mom, husband and my bff got them (after I suggested they buy them) and I have to be different so...  These New Balance sneakers might fit the bill.

5.  For the millionth time in my life I am growing my hair out.  I like these braids and I think I might be able to disguise the awkward growing out stage and also get my hair up, when it's not long enough for a ponytail yet. 

Have a great weekend!

Free lunchbox printable

I have one child left taking a lunch to school and every now and then I send her little notes.  This year I thought it would be fun to make little notes with some watercolor illustrations instead of my usual post-it notes.  And the best news, I created a printable for you to use as well!  Just right click on the image below, save it or open in new window and print.  Enjoy!

New in the shop and a pet portrait

This is my most recent pet portrait.  It is 8 X 10, and I really liked the size.  Normally I like the watercolor portraits a little smaller, but I think this portrait has changed my mind.  Pet portraits are available here

These are some tags I made today for the upcoming holiday season.  I am experimenting with the size and shape of the tag.  Kind of dorky, but kind of fun.

It's amazing how productive I can be if I want to...  Here are some new folded note cards featuring a little watercolor painting.  I added them to my shop today.  You can find them here.   

And finally here is a sketch I'm working on for a free lunchbox notes printable.  I hope to post the printable right here on my blog this week!

color story - black & white

new tags and a painting

My kids go back to school tomorrow.  Usually I'm ready, but this year feels different.  The summer was too busy and too short.  However, I think they are secretly excited to get back to their friends and activities.

Today instead of really focusing on laundry, school supplies and all of the other things I should be doing I made these three tags.  I am enjoying experimenting with the distress inks by Tim Holtz.  There are so many things you can do with them.  The second photo is a gold foiled chair using one of my stamp designs from several years ago.  The quality isn't great, I forgot to do one steps, but I'm excited to play around with this more.

And finally I am sharing a painting I am re-working.  Not sure if it's done yet or not.  I'll keep you posted.

color story - brights!

a new shop!

Designing my sister's wedding invitation (the willow tree above was one of the options), my recent foray back into the world of making handmade cards and a pet portrait commission last week has given me the final push to start selling all things paper again (greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, gift tags, rubber stamps, etc.).  And to once again offer custom pet portraits.  I've been thinking about it for awhile, but didn't think I could do both my fine art painting, and my more whimsical illustrative style.  Also, Etsy doesn't allow you to truly customize your page and I don't like the look of my abstract paintings with the stationery items all mixed together.  To solve that problem I reopened an Etsy shop I had years ago which at the time was just for pet portraits.  I have only added a few items, but I plan on adding lots of new products soon.  The new shop is called Mothball Charlie Two

I guess this goes to show, that you truly should never say never.  I stopped making these stationery items, even when they were relatively popular, because they weren't "speaking to my soul." And I dove head first into abstract painting, which I love.  Now I am drawn to both and think I can do both.  So far this week that has been working.  For example this painting is an old painting I am reworking.  I was never crazy about the painting, and it obviously didn't sell, so why not? And today I will start my latest pet portrait commission.  I'll keep you posted. 

new landscape painting and new cards

This weekend was a good one in the creative time department.  The heat kept me indoors for large parts of the day, so I was able to sneak away to my studio and create.

I made several cards, all inspired by the "Background Check" class I'm taking at Online Card Classes.  This was another great class.  The first two cards use the positive and negative of die-cut feathers.  I just ran the same die-cut through my big shot several times, each times moving the die-cut.  For the first feather card, I used an ink blending tool and distress inks to create the background for the feathers.  For the second one,  I used my watercolor makers to paint the background and then glued the feather die-cut sheet on top.

For the last card I used a dry embossing folder to create the circles, then I colored the circles with an ink blending tool and distress inks.

And finally this is my most recent landscape painting.  I haven't painted much this summer, just a couple watercolor paintings.  So I forced myself to break out the acrylics and it felt great.  I set a goal last fall of painting 50 landscape paintings and I need to get back to it.  I'm not sure exactly what number this one is, maybe 17?
This is only the first layer, but I think it's off to a good start!