a new shop!

Designing my sister's wedding invitation (the willow tree above was one of the options), my recent foray back into the world of making handmade cards and a pet portrait commission last week has given me the final push to start selling all things paper again (greeting cards, calendars, notebooks, gift tags, rubber stamps, etc.).  And to once again offer custom pet portraits.  I've been thinking about it for awhile, but didn't think I could do both my fine art painting, and my more whimsical illustrative style.  Also, Etsy doesn't allow you to truly customize your page and I don't like the look of my abstract paintings with the stationery items all mixed together.  To solve that problem I reopened an Etsy shop I had years ago which at the time was just for pet portraits.  I have only added a few items, but I plan on adding lots of new products soon.  The new shop is called Mothball Charlie Two

I guess this goes to show, that you truly should never say never.  I stopped making these stationery items, even when they were relatively popular, because they weren't "speaking to my soul." And I dove head first into abstract painting, which I love.  Now I am drawn to both and think I can do both.  So far this week that has been working.  For example this painting is an old painting I am reworking.  I was never crazy about the painting, and it obviously didn't sell, so why not? And today I will start my latest pet portrait commission.  I'll keep you posted. 


  1. Follow your heart... always a good idea. Maybe Clyde needs his portrait done? Hmmmmm. I'm pretty sure he does. :)

    1. Did you get a new dog? Who is Clyde? And thanks for reading, now I have two readers: you and Ebba. ❤️