New landscape painting and two cards

This weekend I took this painting off the shelf and decided to give it one more layer.  I just wasn't happy with it at all.  Sometimes I think I should leave paintings alone so I have a record of my progression as a painter, and then other times I look at something I can't help but change it.  So I try to embrace it as just part of my creative process.  I now have the feeling that it's finished and I am happy with it.  It's available in my shop here.  This is what the painting looked like before:

These are two cards I made last week.  The first one has hand lettering over a watercolor sketch.  I am really interested in improving my hand lettering right now.  I would love to learn calligraphy, but I've tried over the years and it's just not in my wheelhouse.  But brush lettering I can get behind.  Or at least attempt it.

This second card is made using a faux metal technique I learned on Jennifer McGuire's blog.  It's one of my favorite techniques right now.  I created my own "hello" die-cut in Illustrator and then cut it using my Cricut.  I've been buying a lot of wafer thin dies lately and then I thought about all of the cutting files I used to make, so I decided to save some money and make my own. 

I'm seriously all over the place with my art & crafts!  Who knows what I'll get into this week. 


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