On my radar - lace up flats

Perhaps it's because my daughter is an Irish dancer and ghillies have become a big part of my life, or maybe I just like these shoes for their fresh take on a ballet flat.  I don't know, but what I do know is I would love to add a pair of these to my fall wardrobe.

1.  Zara
These might be favorite.  Love the color and it's a great price.  I've had great luck with Zara shoes.

2.  TopShop
This is a great, fun color for fall.

3.  TopShop
Black is so classic.  Might make these less trendy in the long run.

4.  Jeffery Campbell
I have one pair of Jefferey Campbell shoes and I love them.  This is a great option it you want just a little bit of lace. 

5.  Billy Ella
These come in several colors, but I like this soft gray. 

6.  Jeffrey Campbell
Another pair of Jeffrey Campbell flats.  Perhaps Mr. Campbell also has an Irish dancer in his life. 


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