On my radar - random finds and links

I was going to have a craft tutorial today, but didn't quite have it together, hopefully I will next week!  Anyway, here are a few things that have recently caught my eye on the internet.

How to be a morning person a la Martha.  This a list of things she does every morning.  And yes making your bed is one of them!  #goals

Oliva Palermo Baublebar collection.  So many beautiful pieces.

Love everything in this interior.

Patterson Maker:

These brownies made with this flour.  I'm intrigued.  And hungry.

This artist is amazing.  I purchased a set of her calligraphy lessons and they are awesome.  Her blog is great too.

How to Use Gouache to Write Calligraphy | The Postman's Knock

I'll end with this:

I am super deep...  Enjoy your last day of September!  This half of 2015 is flying by.  


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