Fall Plants & Pots

I often have a difficult time transitioning from season to season when it comes to my annual plants.  It usually pains me to pull my pansies in the spring when they still look good, even though once the heat kicks in I know they will be stringy and strained.  And I tell myself to get rid of them so my summer annuals have a head start, but I often wait too long.  Once fall plants hit the nursery I go through the same thing with my summer annuals.  This fall my summer plantings still looked good for the most part. I only had a couple plants in each container that needed to go.  So to soften the blow, I decided to just pull the tired plants and replace them with mums and my favorite - pansies!  So far it's working incredibly well and I'm happy with my transition from summer to fall.

I love the yellow mum with the pink vinca and lime green potato vine.  Add a pumpkin or two and you are set!

I swapped out tired geraniums for these pink mums.  I love the asparagus fern (that is still going strong) with the pink mums.

This container is on my back patio.  Again, I just swapped out the tired geranium with this yellow mum.  I love it with the coleus!

I have a large window box that hangs outside the windows of my son's room on the second floor of our house.  Because of it's location I don't like to put anything too heavy in it.  I've wanted to add faux pumpkins to it for years and this year I finally made it happen.  These lovely pumpkins look great so far away!  Up close, I'm not a huge fan...  To anchor them into the window box I used my exacto knife to create slits in the bottom and then a put a large craft stick in the slit.  So far it seems to be working well.

I have to admit I am not completely happy with how the window box looks from the street level, but you can't have everything!

Happy fall planting and have a great weekend!


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