Fall/Winter Boots

There is definitely a chill in the air, and for once I am not going to wait until January to start looking for some decent winter boots.  I actually already have a new pair of Uggs that a friend got for me at Last Chance in Phoenix last spring, but I do need a pair of snow boots.  For the past several years I've been so close to buying a pair a Sorels, but just can't quite pull the trigger.  Here are a few that I am considering.

1.  Ok, so these are Uggs, and I don't need them, but I LOVE this new silhouette.  These come in several colors, but I am really loving the blue.

2.  These Helly Hansen boots are really cute and I bet they are super warm.  AND they are not the Sorels that everyone and their dog has.  Plus I can pretend I am really cool ski-bum, when I wear them.  Never mind, it will take a lot more than that for me to be a cool ski-bum and not a dorky looking mom on the slopes!

3.  I really liked these Sperry boots last year.  Nordstrom sells them in eight different color combos, including some really cute plaids.  

4.  Oh Gee, a pair of Sorel boots.  But these are the classic design.  My husband has a pair just like these that my dad gave him because he now lives in a warm climate.  I even occasionally wear them to shovel the driveway.  They are warm, practical, but still cool enough to wear if you aren't playing in the snow.

5.  I already have a pair of tall Hunter boots, and yes they are rain boots and not snow boots, but I love them in winter anyway.  I adore this short version in black.

6.  Another pair of Uggs?  Yes.  I saw a similar pair on a woman at a soccer game last fall, but could not find them online.  A year later and here they are!  There is also a pair in a similar style that are all weather, but I like these better.


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