Creative Monday - SALE!

A laser printer has been on my wishlist for awhile now.  I needed one in order to make my own custom gold foil cards, tags, and prints.  The gold foil only adheres to toner, hence the need for a laser printer.  Needs not wants here people!  Ha!  And this past weekend my dream came true!  I am so excited to play around with this new machine and my minc machine (what I use to apply the gold foil).  I also need a toner-based copy to burn the screens for my gocco screen printer.  I am pretty excited to get that out again too.  In the past I just had my husband make copies at work, which worked fine with the gocco because I was just using the copy to burn the screen, but with gold foiling that wouldn't work so well.  Pretty sure he doesn't have time to take a stack of cardstock to work and make prints!  :)

This quote is one of the first things I made with my new printer.  It is an old quote print of mine that I designed several years ago.  All of the type was designed by be.  Not sure if I'm going to sell this or not.  Just playing around so far. 

In other creative news, I painted these little cards last week and added them to my shop today.  They are each original watercolor paintings mounted to folded white note cards.  You can find them here

Speaking of my shop, I am offering 25% off everything in my etsy shop today only.  The discount code is:  MONDAYMONDAY. 

Mentally and creatively I am about done with making any additional new Christmas related items to my shop.  I am close to moving on to Valentine's Day, more general themed paper goods and getting back to my landscape painting project.  And I'm also plenty busy with orders, so my time for new items is limited.  But as soon as I say this I'll come up with another holiday themed item!

Hope your week is off to a good start.  Mine is off to a snowy one, but it is so beautiful and I have no where to go so I don't mind. 

Inspiration Friday (on Wednesday) - random finds

I am signing off for the week, so I moved up my inspiration Friday post to today.  Without further ado, here are a few things that caught my eye this past week or so!

Chocolate Cabbage leaves and vanilla ice cream?  Yes please.  Pretty sure my mom and I are doing this at Christmas this year.  Thanks Martha.

Chocolate Cabbage Leaves with Vanilla Ice Cream:

I adore this gallery wall.  I was kind of over this whole trend until I saw this one.  This wall has pulled me back in.  I need to get more art on our walls and this is a great way to do it!  This interior is from BHG.

Why not take things to an entirely new level of novel with your next gallery wall project? By hanging pieces in a tight floor-to-ceiling configuration, this complex composition begs to be browsed. It's a great solution for those who have an extensive art collection that would otherwise be collecting dust in storage. /:

I cannot stop thinking about The Lark in Santa Barbara.  I was lucky enough to eat there with my family a couple of weeks ago.  One word:  amazing.  Not only was the food incredibly delicious, many of the dishes came out looking like works of art.  I am attempting to recreate the beet salad for my Thanksgiving dinner.  I know it won't come close, but I'm excited to try.

The beet salad:

I bought these boots a couple weeks ago and wore them for the first time this week.  Love them and they were super comfortable.  Anthro has lots of cute clog boots this season.  Like these (also in black), and these.

Antelope Clea Clog Boots #anthropologie:

I spent a lot of time in my studio this week.  These are watercolor gift tags I designed.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I am really loving watercolor right now.  You can find these tags in my shop

You've probably seen this, but I had to share Jimmy Fallon and Adele (Like the rest of the world, I have 25 on repeat).  I LOVE when Fallon does these classroom instruments skits or whatever you want to call them.  My favorite is still Mariah Carey, but this one does not disappoint.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving I hope you have a good one.  I am so thankful for my wonderful family and friends, for the time I have to create, and for this space to share everything going on in my head.  Thanks for reading.  Gobble, gobble!  I'm off to cook.

Creative Monday - new in shop!

I haven't made holiday items to sell in my shop for a couple years.  I think it is because I was so focused on my abstract painting.  As I have already mentioned on my blog, in the last several months I've done more watercolor painting and card making than abstract painting.  I guess because I am in that mode I've decided to once again sell some holiday cards, notebooks and gift tags in my shop.  I would have even considered a craft fair this year after saying I would never ever do another one, luckily my fall schedule didn't allow for a craft fair, so my little holiday etsy shop will have to do.

I reopened my second etsy shop for my paper goods and portraits, but I am now leaning towards just having everything in one shop.  If I drew enough traffic to my shop on my own I would leave etsy so I could have nice and neat categories, but since I don't I will stay on etsy and have my shop look like a jumbled mess!  Oh well.  Maybe someday I will get there. 

I have already added some new items to my shop, some are Christmas specific, while others make great gifts no matter what you celebrate.  Keep checking because I will be adding more and more in the next week, gearing up for Cyber Monday.  You can find my etsy shop here

Color Story: Emerald Green

On my radar - F21 finds

I am fully aware that I am too old to shop at Forever 21, but I don't care.  Sometimes you just need to add a few, inexpensive pieces to spruce up your wardrobe.  Here are a few things on my current F21 wishlist.

1.  Asymmetrical Tunic

2.  Sequined Chiffon Maxi Dress

3.  Longline Bomber Jacket

4.  Chunky Fisherman Sweater

5.  Boxy Pocket Sweater

6.  Spitfire Post Punk Sunglasses

7.  Cat-eye Sunglasses

8.  Dual-strap Mini Satchel

My calendar is finally for sale!

Whew.  I almost didn't pull this off.  I'm normally fairly critical about my art.  But I have to say, I'm really proud of this calendar.  Even though it is way late in the season, and inspiration didn't come easy I kept going and took my time.  This is by far the best illustrative style painting I've done in a long time.  And it feels good. 

I keep swaying to opposite ends of the creative spectrum.  Swinging to my abstract acrylic paintings, and then going back the other way to my whimsical watercolors.  Somewhere in between are my cards and stamping.  And I am happy with all of it.  It feels good to just create.  So here's to that. 

If you are interested in purchasing a calendar you can find them in my etsy shop.  I am planning on doing some "companion" pieces which I've done before, probably in the form of folded note cards and gift tags.  I will let you know when those are available. 

Thanks for reading and your support of my art!

On my radar - The Thanksgiving Table

I am actually on an airplane flying to sunny Southern California. I've never blogged on a plane before, but since I didn't blog yesterday and I have three hours on this first flight, I thought why not?  So I apologize if the post is a little wonky. I don't normally blog on my iPad either. I spent so much of this week working on my calendar and making a few things for my trip that once again blogging got put on the back burner...

So anyway, thanksgiving is on my mind. One of my favorite things about it, besides the mashed potatoes and gravy, is decorating the table. Here are a few ideas I've noticed on Pinterest and around the World Wide Web. Enjoy!

All images and sources are on my thanksgiving Pinterest board. 

Creative Monday - Calendar pages

I'm still working on my 2016 calendar.  As I posted on Instagram, I am struggling a bit with inspiration.  But I continue to plug along in hopes that this Picasso quote (one of my favorites) holds true:  Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. 

I hope your week is off to a good start. 

Inspiration Friday - random inspiration

Here are a few things that are currently inspiring me.

I love this interior.  I think I first saw it on Pinterest.  The warmth of the wood with the creamy white walls is so inviting.  The designer is Robert Brown.  You can find more of his work here on the blog where the pin came from.  This room is also inspiring me to finish my living room! It's only been four years...  

Color Outside the Lines:

I have a leather jacket very similar to this one from H&M.   I don't wear it as much as I would like because it's short, dressy and not very warm.  Putting a gray sweatshirt underneath it makes it way more versatile!  Love it.  This gray sweatshirt would be perfect for this look.

New season, new fashion! | Camel brown biker jacket #HMFall:

This book is fantastic.  So many light bulb moments have happened for me and I am only about a third of the way through it.

I can't stop thinking about Richard Serra's "Rounds."  I saw them last week at the National Gallery of Art.  They are fantastic in person.  Talk about getting into your work.  Wow. 


Here's a peek at my 2016 calendar.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute...  I normally start working on my calendars in July!  If nothing else, I will have several really nice gifts to give.

Have a great weekend! 

Creative Monday (on a Wednesday) - new paintings

I've been a bad blogger, but I had a good excuse - my sister got married!  And the wedding was held at the most beautiful place imaginable.  It seriously was like out of a story book and we stayed right at the venue.  I have to tell you, New York state wins at fall.  This is the farm house we stayed in.  I will share more next week including the wedding invitation I designed.

After the wedding my family took the train to Washington D. C.  I was able to sneak away one and day and dash to the National Gallery of Art.  I've been there before so I knew right my favorites were located.  This is one of the my favorite Van Gogh paintings at this museum.  I actually went back to the National Gallery the next day after visiting the Newseum (amazing place!) because my younger son wanted to go and missed out the day before.  The rest of the family headed back to our hotel, so it was just to the two of us.  Special times.

I've been back almost a week, and finally I am getting back to my own creative work.  I picked up some claybord a couple weeks ago and broke it out yesterday.  It is a very interesting, absorbment surface.  I am experimenting with watercolor and so far I am loving it.  This is my second painting.  Now I just need to figure out the best way to varnish/seal these paintings.  

This landscape has been on my easel for a long time.  Today I finished it.  I can't remember what number I am on, but my goal is to do 50.  This painting will be available in my shop very soon!