Creative Monday - SALE!

A laser printer has been on my wishlist for awhile now.  I needed one in order to make my own custom gold foil cards, tags, and prints.  The gold foil only adheres to toner, hence the need for a laser printer.  Needs not wants here people!  Ha!  And this past weekend my dream came true!  I am so excited to play around with this new machine and my minc machine (what I use to apply the gold foil).  I also need a toner-based copy to burn the screens for my gocco screen printer.  I am pretty excited to get that out again too.  In the past I just had my husband make copies at work, which worked fine with the gocco because I was just using the copy to burn the screen, but with gold foiling that wouldn't work so well.  Pretty sure he doesn't have time to take a stack of cardstock to work and make prints!  :)

This quote is one of the first things I made with my new printer.  It is an old quote print of mine that I designed several years ago.  All of the type was designed by be.  Not sure if I'm going to sell this or not.  Just playing around so far. 

In other creative news, I painted these little cards last week and added them to my shop today.  They are each original watercolor paintings mounted to folded white note cards.  You can find them here

Speaking of my shop, I am offering 25% off everything in my etsy shop today only.  The discount code is:  MONDAYMONDAY. 

Mentally and creatively I am about done with making any additional new Christmas related items to my shop.  I am close to moving on to Valentine's Day, more general themed paper goods and getting back to my landscape painting project.  And I'm also plenty busy with orders, so my time for new items is limited.  But as soon as I say this I'll come up with another holiday themed item!

Hope your week is off to a good start.  Mine is off to a snowy one, but it is so beautiful and I have no where to go so I don't mind. 


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