On my radar - Christmas Stockings

Are you in the market for new Christmas stockings this year?  Here are a few that caught my eye.  I should pick up new ones, instead of thinking that once again I'm going to get my embroidery kit stockings finally done for my children...  There's always hope people!  :)  Maybe that project would get me in the holiday spirit.  It's worth a shot.  In the mean time, take a look at these whimsical stockings.

1.  K & K Interiors
This stocking is so unique.  I love the handmade vibe.

2. North Star Creations
A chalkboard stocking?  Might come in handy if someone is nice this year, but next year not so much. 

3.  Jonathan Adler
Mr. Adler can do no wrong in my book.  Love these.

4.  Good Wishes Quilts
This etsy shop has BEAUTIFUL stockings.  If I was going to buy new stockings I'm pretty sure this where I would order.  Please check out this amazing shop.

5.  Pottery Barn
These PB babies are on sale right now for under $15.  Definitely in second place.  And free monogram or name?  Get outta here.  


  1. i broke down several years ago and purchased cream quilted PB stocking with our names embroidered on them. I love them. Only problem? They discontinued our pretty bright green thread for the names and Miss Annette ended up with a less than stellar green for her name... oh well. ;)

    1. That is a bummer! And would make me nuts. Lol.