Creative Monday

Today isn't Monday, but my kids went back to school today after their winter break, so it's a Monday for me!  Since I took a blog hiatus over the holidays, I have lots to share today.

First up are my two most recent pet portraits.  I've painted lots of dogs and several cats, but never together.  My customer requested this pose with their legs crossed.  Funny that they both do the same thing!

These are my good friend's Becky's dogs.  Becky has commissioned lots of portraits from me over the years (My friends are the reason I started selling pet portraits!).  These two sweeties are her new dogs.  Oh my, they are adorable.  I hope I did them justice!  Becky is an incredibly talented photographer, you can check out her work and photos of her dogs here

Switching gears...  These are teacher gifts I made for the specialists at school (PE teacher, counselor, principal, etc.).  I think I made five sets of six cards for each.  I recently got a laser printer, so I was itching to do something with gold foil.  These cards are heavily inspired by the very talented Carissa Wiley.  You can see her version here.  

This is the front of our Christmas card I designed this year.  I've had this idea in my head for a couple years, and was able to get it together last minute.  I always use Overnight Prints for my Christmas cards, they are actually post cards which makes them very inexpensive, but still great quality.  And they sell envelopes.
And finally, this is kind of creative...  If like many, you are trying to eat healthier here is a great recipe I just shared with my sister.  I started making it after my first Whole 30 I did late last summer.  It's great, if you need a little chocolate but you're trying to stay away from the bad stuff.  Enjoy!

Healthy Chocolate Bark

1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
1 to 2 T almond butter
splash of maple syrup (optional)
shredded coconut

Melt coconut oil, remove from heat.  Whisk cocoa, almond butter and maple syrup to combine.  Pour into a small rimmed and lined cookie sheet (I use a silpat).  Top with nuts and coconut (or leave plain).  Place in freezer until solid and then break into pieces.  You must keep this in a bag in the freezer.  Enjoy! 


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