On my radar - Summer Bags

I LOVE Purses, handbags, bags, totes, clutches, whatever form or name, I love them.  Here are a few that have caught my eye for this summer.

1.  This bag is so beautiful and unique.  And I love the lilac color.  You can find it here

2.  This is a great take on the string bags that are so popular.  I almost bought it this week, but resisted.  It's only $16, so I'm not sure why I didn't include it in my order.  <insert eyeroll emoji> You can find it here

3.  A pineapple bag?  Yes please!  I think this is so fun for summer.  And it's another super affordable bag.  You can find this $9 wonder here.

4.  These clear bags are super popular.  This is a knock-off from a company I've never ordered from, but I'm tempted.  I'll keep you posted.  You can find it here.  I think Celine started the trend.  You can read a great article linking lots of designer bags from Vogue.

5.  The is the Celine string bag that started the string bag trend.  It's hard to find, but a lot of companies are doing a version.  Or you can be like me and buy this bag from Amazon.  And hey, what a deal - you get two!  Love, this look.  And I really love the price.  Below are the bags I have:

6.  And finally the beloved Cult Gaia bamboo bag. This bag is popular again this year.  There are lot of companies making a version, you can even get something similar at Target.  I bought one at one of those wholesale jewelry stores in New York for $38.  Amazon sells several versions, just search bamboo bag.  Or buy the real thing!  It really is a beautiful bag and not terribly expensive. 

That's it!  Happy first day of summer!  And happy bag shopping!  

On My Radar - Hermés Oran Sandal Dupes

If you follow fashion bloggers on Instagram you might have noticed these gorgeous brown leather flat sandals.  They've been a fashion blogger fav for the past couple of years.  And what happens when something gets popular?  Other designers/companies copy it.  So today I'm going to share some good dupes if you just don't have $700 to spend on sandals. 
Instagram photo by fashionistasdaily • Invalid date at Invalid date
Instagram photo by fashionistasdaily.

I really, really love the look.  They go from dressy to super casual.  The sandal color above is my favorite, but they are difficult to find.  But don't worry, I've found several sandals that look great and will save you some cash.  Here are the dupes!

1.  The original Hermés Oran Sandal

2.  These might be the best dupes in terms in quality and looks.  Steven Greece Sandals.  These are the sandals I was going to get until I found all of these dupes. 

3.  Forever 21?  $12.90?  Forgetaboutit.  Done and done.  They get great reviews on their website. 

4.  Zara Leather Crossover Sandals.  I've seen these in person.  They are very nice, and made out of real leather.  They come in a couple other colors too.  Love the blue. 

5. H Cut Sandals from Shein.  At $16.00 these are another tempting pair.  And also get great reviews.

6.  These are also by Steve Madden from Nordstrom Rack.  They have a thicker sole than the other Steve Madden I posted (#2).  The tan is sold out but the gold is cute.