On my radar - Summer Bags

I LOVE Purses, handbags, bags, totes, clutches, whatever form or name, I love them.  Here are a few that have caught my eye for this summer.

1.  This bag is so beautiful and unique.  And I love the lilac color.  You can find it here

2.  This is a great take on the string bags that are so popular.  I almost bought it this week, but resisted.  It's only $16, so I'm not sure why I didn't include it in my order.  <insert eyeroll emoji> You can find it here

3.  A pineapple bag?  Yes please!  I think this is so fun for summer.  And it's another super affordable bag.  You can find this $9 wonder here.

4.  These clear bags are super popular.  This is a knock-off from a company I've never ordered from, but I'm tempted.  I'll keep you posted.  You can find it here.  I think Celine started the trend.  You can read a great article linking lots of designer bags from Vogue.

5.  The is the Celine string bag that started the string bag trend.  It's hard to find, but a lot of companies are doing a version.  Or you can be like me and buy this bag from Amazon.  And hey, what a deal - you get two!  Love, this look.  And I really love the price.  Below are the bags I have:

6.  And finally the beloved Cult Gaia bamboo bag. This bag is popular again this year.  There are lot of companies making a version, you can even get something similar at Target.  I bought one at one of those wholesale jewelry stores in New York for $38.  Amazon sells several versions, just search bamboo bag.  Or buy the real thing!  It really is a beautiful bag and not terribly expensive. 

That's it!  Happy first day of summer!  And happy bag shopping!  


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